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Smart cockpit:

Smart cockpit solution integrator, operating system, digital smart cockpit, IVI infotainment system, human-machine interface (HMI), automotive safety electronics, virtualized smart cockpit solution, audio-visual entertainment system, cockpit domain controller, body Controller, gesture/face recognition, eye tracking, OTA upgrade, liquid crystal material, liquid crystal display panel, LED chip, ambient light, holographic image, full liquid crystal instrument, car infotainment system, big data and AI engine, intelligent display HUD, Streaming media rearview mirrors, full vehicle visual system (CRS), chips, sensors, data security/information fusion solutions, smart seats, smart car lights/lighting systems, innovative automotive interior technologies, T-BOX, V2X, OTA , Central control screen and central control vehicle information terminal, intelligent sound and light technology products, millimeter wave radar solutions, cameras, vision solutions (DMS) and other intelligent cockpit application products.

Vehicle display:

Touch display module, TFT-LCD, LTPS, AMOLED, OLED, TP, cover plate, 3D glass, full lamination equipment, water glue, AG film, production equipment, production materials, etc.


Driverless cars, ADAS advanced assisted driving, communication systems, sensors, millimeter wave radar, lidar, cameras, night vision, chips, dynamic map technology, car navigation, automatic parking systems, collision prevention systems, lane keeping systems, Brake assist system, stereo vision system, electromagnetic control system, human-computer interaction system, etc.

Automatic driving assistance system:

Environmental perception systems, sensors, radar systems (millimeter wave radar, lidar), high-precision navigation systems, high-precision positioning systems, video cameras, laser rangefinders, night vision devices, vehicle information technology, vehicle computers, vehicle control technology, prevention Collision system, lane keeping system, stereo vision system, automatic parking system, infrared camera equipment, electromagnetic control system, human-computer interaction system, car networking platform, intelligent transportation, etc.

Autonomous driving research institutions:

Autonomous Driving Research Institute, Autonomous Driving Laboratory, Autonomous Driving Industry Media, etc.

Internet of Vehicles:

5G technology, IoV development platforms/tools, communication modules, vehicle operating systems, system security solutions, automotive TSP, automotive apps, content providers, IoV services, etc.

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