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Well-known brands gather, top sourcing platform

Gathering 1200+ Chinese and overseas well-known Intelligent cockpit and autopilot industry brands. IATW 2024 (GBA), NEAS 2024 (GBA), CIAIE 2024 (GBA), AMC 2024 (GBA), AAMC 2024 (GBA) will be held at the same time as the exhibition. Cockpit electronics, passive safety, bumpers, mirrors, lights and vehicle lighting, as well as new materials, new technologies, new equipment, and new processes in the application field are unveiled in a centralized manner, with a complete range of products to create a one-stop efficient procurement platform.


20+ concurrent events, get the latest industry trends

CIAIE 2024 will hold more than 20 high-level professional conference forums during the same period. The forum will adopt the form of "speech + interactive Q&A + automotive innovation technology product launch" to establish automotive engineer clubs, offline cocktail parties and salons, and online group exchanges to discuss the development trend of automotive innovation technology with everyone. Build an automobile technology development system and operation mechanism that integrates production, government, academies, and research institutes, and accelerate the process of direct application of new technology research results in the automobile industry.

Maintain and develop partnerships

Communicate face-to-face with well-known companies in the industry, find new partners and suppliers, and maintain relationships with existing suppliers.

Buyer matching service to help you match your favorite exhibitors

As long as you provide complete and accurate procurement requirements, we will help you connect with target customers to establish more business and use exhibition time more effectively.

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