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In the trend of changes in the times, the rapid development of autonomous driving, smart cockpits, and smart networking has become a bright spot in the development of the automotive industry. The smart cockpit has gradually changed from a driving carrier to an intelligent and digital living space. The field of human-computer interaction, which has attracted much attention from end users, has already set off a new round of revolution, and future driving has become a popular direction for global automotive technology research and development. Facing the rapidly evolving technological trend, new designs, new functions, and new experiences have promoted the development, integration, and innovative sharing of core components. It has become the entrance of a huge market in the post-epidemic era. Relevant data shows that by 2030, the size of the future market for car smart sharing will reach 81 billion euros.


The 19th International GBA Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Cockpit Technology Innovation and Application Exhibition will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition &Convention Center from Dec 04-06. 2024.  The exhibition scale of over 60,000 sqms and it is expected to reach 50,000 professional visitors. CIAIE 2024 will take the promotion of "driving intelligence, energy electrification, information networking, and resource sharing" as our mission, comprehensively promote the integration of intelligent transport and autonomous driving technologies in the Chinese automotive industry chain. Focus on technologies and products in the field of smart cockpits and autonomous driving, maintain a consistent professional perspective, and gather with you in 2024.


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